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Country K-9 Rescue, Inc.


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There are several ways you can help the rescue.
Country K-9 Rescue, Inc. is a 501-C3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization, and all your donations of either cash or goods, are fully tax deductible. We are happy to provide you with a receipt at your request.
You can be assured that every cent you donate,
 goes directly to the care of the animals.


Ways to Help
1. Direct Cash Donations~
Make a cash donation by Pay Pal or check
To pay using Pay Pal, Click on the button below
2. Kroger Card Program~
Purchase a Kroger Card for $5.00. It is already loaded with a $5.00 credit, so it is really FREE. And just charge you card up at any Kroger Store, and use it when you shop at Kroger, and Kroger will donate a portion of each sale to the Rescue.
To pay using Pay Pal, click on the button below
3. Donate gently used pet items to the rescue such as crates, kennels, blankets, dog houses, ect.
4. Come out and support our yearly fund raisers. You can view upcoming fund raising events by clicking here.

Make a secure cash donation through Pay Pal by clicking on the button to the left. All donations are fully tax deductible, so be sure to save your Pay Pal receipt.
All the animals thank you for your kindness

To purchase a Kroger Gift Card, just click on the Pay Pal button to your left. They are 5.00, and come pre-loaded with a 5.00 credit, so they are actually free ! Just load your Kroger card with any dollar amount you choose before you shop, and Kroger will donate a portion from every sale to the rescue. This is a wonderful and free way to help animals in need :)

If your prefer to make a cash donation or purchase a Kroger Card by sending a personal check, please make your check payable to Country K-9 Rescue, and mail to:
Country K-9 Rescue, Inc.
116 Rocky Road, Lebanon, TN. 37087

"We greatly appreciate all our caring sponsors"